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Los Angeles is located in an active area for earthquakes
Scientists agree that California has entered a period of increased seismic activity. Since 1989, the state has been rocked by four magnitude seven earthquakes, and more are certainly on the way. Locally, the Northridge Earthquake showed us the devastation neighborhoods can suffer when a moderate earthquake strikes in the heart of an urban area.

Earthquakes centered in the densely populated Los Angeles area will have a much more devastating impact
Los Angeles is crisscrossed with many known earthquake faults. There is a great potential for seismic activity on several of these known faults such as the Elysian Park Fault in the civic center, the Northridge Fault in the San Fernando Valley, and the Newport Inglewood Fault which is located south of the civic center. Many tremors happen along these faults; but most go unnoticed. The next big earthquake along one of these faults will cause damage to weak houses and fragile chimneys throughout the Los Angeles area.

This handbook offers some easy steps to see if your house is earthquake safe
Even in moderate earthquakes, your house can shake violently, toppling the chimney, cracking walls, and shifting off its foundation. To protect your family and secure your investment, give your home an "earthquake check-up."

In a moment, we'll provide you with a survey. But first, let's see how earthquake safe homes in LA really are.